Invisalign straighten teeth and improve smiles.

Invisalign is the modern way to straighten teeth and improve smiles. Using the latest medical imaging technologies Invisalign manufactures precision medical-grade polymer aligners that rapidly move teeth


Invisalign difference

Using a precise 3 dimensional analysis of your teeth and adjacent tissue, Invisalign fabricates personalized aligners for each patient. A series of aligners are fabricated to guide the teeth from their initial positions to the final ideal positions. Dr. Hilty works closely with Invisalign to determine the final tooth positions and treatment stages necessary to bring about the amazing change for your smile.

Each aligner is worn for two weeks and can be removed to eat, brush, floss, and on special occasions. During wear, the patient’s teeth are gently moved to their ideal positions. The length of the process depends on the patient’s specific situation and the results the patient wants to achieve.

Aligners are:

most people won’t even know that you are wearing them
aligners have a smooth surface that is gentle to your mouth
take them out to eat or brush, then put them back in again
smooth computer generated surfaces stay cleaner that other plastic appliances
in most cases, the cost is comparable to metal braces
whether you are a singer, musician, or concerned about a professional presentation you’ll love aligners
because invisible aligners can be removed they’re perfect for athletes

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